The current Fire Service Law controls and limits the usage of normal bamboo for construction materials. Because the normal bamboo without its authorization can be recognized as flammable material, so, regrettably, it can be used at only limited parts of the Japanese traditional buildings, for example Ryokan as well as for every public space, tourist facilities and restaurants.
We've been inquired from various clients who would like to use our Kyo-Meichiku bamboo, but many of them should give up their plans just because of this authorization by law. It’s a very sad situation, but a reality, as well.
Maybe that's why, we've found often facilities and buildings which doesn't use real bamboos as their interiors but just wall papers printed with the pattern of the bamboo material.

Heading towards the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, we’ll expect an increasing numbers of foreign tourists from all over the world.
As Japanese living with our tradition and history, we are sure that it’s one of our aims to introduce the real Japanese culture to the people from all over the world. And as our best tool for this purpose, we got an idea to invent anti flame bamboo by ourselves in order to offer our clients to use real bamboo in its real way.

Since our start in 2009, we've been facing in many difficulties, for example, bamboos are burned or the texture and touch of bamboo are spoiled so easily and the treatment cost can be too high to sell. So we had to take our long and hard way to achieve our goal.

And finally in January 2014, tough five years since our start, we could reach our ""first"" goal and our bamboo products could obtain a permission from the Fire and Disaster Management Agency for their usage as flame retardant material.
We can successfully produce our anti flame bamboo, named ""Bouen-dake"" keeping the shining beauty of Kyo-Meichiku bamboo (designated as traditional products of Kyoto). We are so sure that our world's first anti flame bamboo Bouen-dake can cause a sensation in the architectural industry.

Our own special techniques for processing and making bamboo material have been developed through the unique cultural and historical background of Kyoto as well as the tradition of tea ceremony. And its new encounter with the latest high technology has brought our Yokotake’s Bouen-dake into the world, the one and only existence as well as the construction material for next-generation.
We are happy that our Bouen-dake can help to introduce the culture of Kyoto and the tradition of Japan to the people all over the world and offer them some new alternative ways for their various and valuable lifestyles.